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PICTURED  LASER POINTER(optional)  $50,00

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X-SCAN (Experimental) Remote sensing, multi discriminating Long Range Locator (LRL) prototype, with (optional)) Laser attachment ( add $60), wireless" Weight Chek", Carry case, and Instruction Manual

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100% Pure Physics No batteries, No wires, No electronics

Hand held, lightweight, highly directional, and non visual. You actually "Feel" when the X-Scan locks on the "field" of a discriminated target, even blindfolded.


Range: Up to 60 + meters

X-SCAN, Explanation

The Black object is an attachable Laser Pointer. ($60 optional) It serves to point a Red beam pointing to within 5 inches of the target

It also appears that it may act as a carrier wave and better defines the target.

May also serve as a night time emergency signal beacon.


The module near the handle is the Resonance chamber. Samples of the searched for target is placed in this chamber. Unlike electronic Frequency Discrimination (MFD) that only discriminates one element at a time, HID appears to have the ability to detect and discriminate to combined elements that may be contained in a target. For example, it appears to discriminate to the combined chemical ingredients of Drugs & Metals.


The White box pictured below the X-Scan, is the  wireless "WEIGHT CHEK". It doesn't actually measure the weight of the target, but serves to help measure the volume of the magnetic field of the target and can be nulled out in increments with the dial. By comparing with an object of known weight, the weight of the unseen target can be estimated. This is an extremely helpful tool in the field when analyzing the potential of a target It has been used for years with the PRO-4 model, and by Dowsers, which required a connecting wire from the L-Rods to the WC. It would remotely null out up to 5 lbs, of solid target weight, or up to 2 ounces of Micron particles, sulphide and oxidation which resonates strongly. 


The NEW Weight Chek requires no batteries or attached wires and the present model nulls out up to 20 lbs of target weight.


I am still experimenting with this device, but so far the results have been amazing. I have been testing on Gold, Silver, US & Confederate Currency, Diamonds, Emerald, Drugs, Buried PVC Pipe, Gun Powder, Hair, (detected both humans & animals with hair) Feathers, ( detected ducks, macaws and chickens with feather sample) and a host of Metals, Chemical Elements, and mixtures. It has discriminated to every thing I have tested it on at a range of 100+ feet.


The optional Laser pointer is not necessary for for the operation of the X-SCAN.. It will add a bit more weight to the hand held X-Scan. Some may find it useful for pointing to the target location, night time use, or as an emergency becon.

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